August 31, 2006

(Blow)Hard Time

A quick disclaimer before I say anything else - I've never watched Thirty Days, and I only watched about ten minutes of last night's episode. But if I can't spout unfounded opinions, what the hell is a blog for?

So the season finale was the dramatic prison episode - Morgan Spurlock goes Inside (you have to say it in your head with a capital 'I', possibly followed by a reverberating door-slamming sound effect). I learned a lot in those ten minutes:

1. Apparently, prison is boring.

2. Watching men in prison, without the prospect of Oz's full-frontal nudity, is definitely boring. Though I've gotta give Spurlock credit for being willing to show his ass on national television purely to edify the American public.

3. I have a ridiculous sense that having watched Oz means I understand life in prison. Like I was totally there, in the Big House.

4. Some states don't have a parole system. So in Virginia, working an unpaid 15-hour day in the kitchen is considered a privilege because the time you work counts towards reducing your sentence.

5. That means every day Morgan Spurlock worked in that prison kitchen is another day an inmate will have to serve time.

6. I think that makes him a bit of an asshole.

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