November 6, 2009

I like Sarahland

I've been thinking about my friend Sarah a lot recently, and I thought I'd share just a few of the ways in which she's fantastic.

First of all, she's whip-smart, funny and pleasingly neurotic. Further, she has excellent and adventurous taste in food, and a keen appreciation for both Joss Wheedon's entire oeuvre and the wankability of Alton Brown.

Despite her continuing and willful refusal to knit socks, she is actually a fine and eclectic knitter. From silk scarves to toy chickens to fair-isle mitts, her knitting is varied, lovely and a genuine pleasure to watch roll off the (circular) needles.

Further, she has an appreciation for and deft hand with googly eyes, the likes of which I have never seen.

She also has feet that I hope will be really, really happy in these socks.


And finally, in case there's any doubt about just how likeable Sarah is: these mother#&%@ing socks fit me beautifully.


I can only hope that she'll enjoy them as much as I do. And perhaps she'll be inspired to make some of her own some day...


Sarah said...

They are beautiful!!!! You totally rock! My first handknit socks. And they are stripey and awesome. And if they fit your feet they should fit mine!!

Kristy said...

These are some really pretty socks! What yarn did you use?

Jenny said...

Oh yay! Happy Birthday Sarah!! :)

ibbob said...

Googling you to find your address to send the Xmas card. Oakland's gain is definitely Boston's loss. Sniff-sniff! (Really, I'm not crying, it's the onions!) PS-Crocheting rocks more than knitting. 1 needle, some cheap yarn and you can make anything!