January 18, 2009

On letting go

I have trouble admitting something's not working. I will make an entire enormous hat, microscopic sock or wing-like sleeve without admitting anything is wrong.

Or a gigantic mitt intended for someone with tiny, tiny hands.


Mitt, loosely based on the Super Mittens from Weekend Knitting, but made fingerless, and with a cable slapped on the top of the hand. This mitt is actually the perfect size. For me and my extremely long-fingered man hands.

I'm not completely unaware that my knits are turning out wrong. There's usually that creeping sense of "Hey, this doesn't look quite right..." But I usually block that out with some mature variation on LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU or "But I've already put so much effort into it..."

I realize that continuing to put time and effort into a project you know isn't working, just so you don't have to admit it's not working, is, uh, retarded. But there you go.

I would like to do less of that. Both in my knitting and the rest of my life. First up - I've lived in New England for over a decade. And I've never liked it here. There's nothing wrong with Boston, but it has never felt like home. And it never will. And lord do I hate winter, in a visceral, completely irrational way.

I have finally, finally decided to move back west. At the end of the month, I will be leaving my low-key publishing job for a short-term and far-from-low-key gig with a Big Corporation. Big Corporation will be paying me enough to completely finance a summertime move to San Francisco.

Where I will live happily ever after with BFF Quinn and Kelley and year-round farmer's markets and good Mexican food and ice-free sidewalks...

So in the spirit of letting go of things that just aren't right, I should probably reknit the damn mitt...


If the resized mitt (pictured right) is too small, I'd really appreciate it if the recipient never, ever mentioned it and instead just crammed her hands uncomfortably into it, like one of Cinderella's evil stepsisters trying to squeeze into the glass slipper. My desire to get things right only goes so far.

And since I'm told mitts traditionally come in pairs...


I like to think this set loudly and proudly announces to the entire (knitting) world that A KNITTER LOVES ME. It's like a secret handshake.

That leaves only one more Christmas knit to finish. I'm shooting for mid-February.

Because that's the kind of awesome friend I am.


Sarah said...

Fine, be all rational and healthy and crap. But I'm still pouting at the thought of you moving away. Ice-free sidewalks. HA! Wussies.

Siercia said...

Wow! Congrats on the new gig and on the upcoming move. I love San Francisco - it's one of the few cities that could get me out of my rut and off the East Coast. I hope it is everything you are hoping for!

Clumsy Knitter said...

Congrats on the impending move! Change is always good (and fun!).

Jenny said...

I am sad. And irrationally, insanely, seriously going to shoot myself jealous. And also curious as to how it has possibly taken you this long to make this decision. Seriously, now that you say this is what you're going to do, I'm like Um, of course it is. Seriously, why have you even been here for the past however many years? But whatever, because I'm also bummed. And did I mention oh my god so jealous.

So you can consider the previous paragraph punishment, punctuation-wise, for your absurdly overdue decision. The alliteration was free.

Lauren said...

Step 1- Carefully read instructional pamphlet and using the provided TravelCab suitcase safely corral your Lauren inside.

Step 2- Ensure that there is proper ventilation and all fastners are secure for travel. Fill food dish and drip-bottle in accordance with duration of trip.

Step 3- Take Lauren with you.

Kristy said...

You're moving to SF?! Yay! I love it there, and I visit several times a year. We'll have to go yarn shopping :)

Karen said...

Oh wow, good for you!!! It sounds like this move is going to be a really great thing - and I'm glad you were brave enough to let go and take the leap. It worked well for the mitts - and it will work even better for the rest of your life.

Jodi said...

Congrats on a big decision, and best of luck! Some places really do just feel like home.

Lovely mitt & hat combo. So warm and cozy looking!

Kelley said...

Summer can not possibly come fast enough! Four and a half months in and I LURVE Cali, but San Fran needs a little more East Coast attitude and I need my girlie days back STAT!

65 degrees today dude, 65 degrees....

I'm just sayin :)