December 22, 2008

And now for the gratitude

First, thank you to everyone that commented on my quitting smoking post. I really appreciate the support, encouragement and advice! I will be revisiting those comments come January.

As evidenced by the lack of blogging and, uh, any other form of communication, I've been a little busy since that last post. But I did finish the semester. My last semester of library school. Ever.

Which means I am officially a master's degree-holding librarian! Or will be in January, when the degree is actually conferred. In the interim, addressing me as Master is optional, but encouraged.

I didn't knit much at the end of the semester, but I did finish a pair of socks last month.


Basic stockinette, the usual recipe, details Raveled. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

I've got some double secret gift knitting to show off, too. And some pretty new yarn. Coming soon...


Crafty Bookworm said...

Congratulations on graduating! It feels good to be done, doesn't it? Although I think they are "conferring" the degree in February now (which makes no sense because they are just making the diplomas, and how hard is that?). I am enjoying the feeling of being done, although the job search is really harrowing. Those socks are b-e-a-yootiful!

Jenny said...

Master? I'd have thought you would have wanted to continue being called Mistress...

Those still are my favorite socks ever knit. I really need to get some of that yarn- I drool every time I see them.

Speaking off, I'm actually eating really yummy cheese right now and thinking of you.

Speaking of Mistress, I've been watching Season 1 of MM and I want to DO Joan. Wait, no, actually, I think I might actually want to BE her. I've been walking around my house all day like her. It's fun. I need some torpedos and a tailored knee length dress.