August 10, 2008

Stash is not just for yarn

The American Heritage Dictionary defines “stash” as “To hide or store away in a secret place”. For knitters, stash is so much more than that, of course. However, “forgetting” to mention acquisitions to significant others who think “you have enough sock yarn” notwithstanding, mostly yarn stash isn’t much of a secret.

But I do have a secret stash. Except it’s not yarn. It’s cheese. Cheese stash is obviously more transitory than yarn stash, due to its perishable nature. But almost as exciting. Possibly more exciting, for me. Cheese tasting often ends with me squealing, jumping up and down and doing the “happy cheese dance.” Which kind of looks like I’m having a seizure, but you know, happy about it.


So, to stretch the analogy excruciatingly, I have the Cascade 220-type cheeses – ricotta, feta, parmesan, havarti, American cheddar, etc. Good, solid, basic cheeses. Perfect for tossing in pasta or making a sandwich. And usually something a bit nicer - like Malabrigo or Noro level – gruyere or a good English cheddar for eating on their own. And usually I’m completely satisfied with these nice cheeses. Because really, something that’s Malabrigo-Good is pretty effing sweet.

But every now and then you get something fantastically luxurious in your stash that makes everything else in your stash seem inadequate. And last weekend, a visit to the South End Formaggio did the same thing to my cheese stash. Formaggio is an insanely good cheese shop and everyone in or around Boston should go there as soon as possible. There’s a dude there that specializes in PAIRING CHEESE AND BEER. Go there. Go there now.

Our visit was especially awesome due to the expert guidance of BFF Quinn’s friend Siri, who works there when she’s not busy being a brilliant sociologist-in-training. And she hooked us UP with some amazing recommendations.


Meet (clockwise from bottom left)...

Gratte Paille
Morbier Marcel Petite
Persillé de Pont Astier
Reypanaer VSOP

This is the cashmere of cheeses. This is the dreamily soft baby yak down of cheese. This is cheese that makes me never want to eat any other kind of cheese again. Also, the Gratte Paille is cheese that BFF Quinn described as “glistening like a pair of sweaty balls,” which has nothing to do with stash behavior but did make me snort-laugh.

And much like new yarn, this new cheese makes me think all my old cheese sucks. Stupid cheese. But luckily, I know just where to go to get more...

I actually finished a pair of socks, and I got some pretty, pretty new sock yarn. So actual knitting content soon!


dogwithbooks said...

I think I could subsist on cheese stuffed with cheese covered in cheese cooked in cheese garnished in cheese! It is the most perfect food!!

Jodi said...

J'aime le fromage! Looks delicious.

Karen said...

OOOOHHH. YUM. I just love cheese. That post has me craving cheese. I think we finished our "Malabrigo" brie this weekend. Ack, all I have left in the fridge is "Acrylic". That's right - Polly string cheese. That's not gonna cut it. (Bwahahahaha, cut the cheese!!!)

Siercia said...


I'm glad I'm no the only one with a cheese stash =)

I have so much love for Formaggio.

Rebecca said...

i LOVE how you compared levels of cheese to levels of yarny goodness. wow. so, i, too have a cheese stash, but being pregnant really puts a damper on my cheese consumption. nothing unpasteurized for me like feta. and no soft cheeses like brie. and nothing moldy like bleu or gorgonzola. can't wait to get this kid outta me so i can feast on cheese!

Sarah said...

OMG, I almost licked the computer screen at work. I keep coming back to look at the yummy squishy cheese. (I love soft cheeses) You're going to wonder why you have so many hits, it's from me eye-ing your cheese porn.

Kristy said...

I love cheese. Sometimes we just have cheese and bread (and wine) (and olives) for dinner. And the brewery near our house used to have a beer & cheese tasting, but they TOOK IT AWAY! Anyway, I'm glad you had a good cheese experience.

Jenny said...

If the Gratte Paille is that brie-lookin' stuff, it looks gooooood...

My favorite food is crackers and cheese. Which, when I say it, is a VERY broad umbrella that covers any wheat- or corn- based item and cheese. So, nachos, tacos (totally counts), actual crackers and cheese, brie and baguette (with grapes)... all that is my favorite food. Better than chocolate.

DID I JUST READ YOUR FRIEND RIGHT THAT YOU CAN'T HAVE CHEESE WHEN YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?? WTF!!! No wonder you don't want children. God, I've looked forward to pregnancy all my life and now I'm thinking "Goooo adoption!"

Quirkles said...

Even though I am stuffed full of yummy dim sum, I want cheese. It's a bad want. It hurts. And you did it to me with that picture. Even characterizing the Gratte Paille as glistening like sweaty balls, only make my hunger stronger. I am weak. What can I say?