July 1, 2007

Good for what ails ya

At least if what ails you is an excess of stockinette socks.

The cure entailed knitting:

- one more repeat on the Monkey, which was given a temporary stay of execution by virtue of being a tremendously entertaining knit. Also, everyone but me seemed to think the colors looked fine, so I'm giving it a go.

- 1.5 inches of twisted rib and the first repeat on the Embossed Leaves socks, from Favorite Socks. I don't think it looks anything like the pattern in the book so far, but I'll give it another round because it's awfully fun to knit, and much faster (for me) than the Monkey. Plus my Sockapalooza sock pal's socks certainly won't knit themselves, and I want to give her something pretty.


And that's more than enough moderately challenging knitting for one weekend! It's back to stockinette socks for my commute.


Deb said...

Very pretty. I loved knitting my embossed leaves socks, and I know sooner or later I'm going to have to have a pair of Monkeys.

Elinor said...

Those look great! Stockinette socks serve a purpose but it's great to get into a pattern!!

Kristy said...

I'm glad you're giving the Monkey another try. It's looking great!

I'm surprised at how similar your Embossed Leaves look to mine! I guess my yarn has that extra bit of brown, but they're otherwise nearly identical :)

Karen said...

So pretty . . . and fun to knit too. I think your Embossed Leavers are coming out just right. I knew right away what pattern it was. :)

Rebecca said...

yup, i recognized your embossed leaves, too. they looks great! and love the monkeys, too!

Macoco said...

I'm really digging the embossed leaves!