June 3, 2007

Some days you knit the sock...

...And some days, the sock it knits you.

TB's socks are almost complete.


The Yarn Harlot says that socks are a wildly impractical thing to knit. Unlike sweaters, which when well-made and properly cared-for will last a lifetime, socks, by their very nature, will wear out. So why do we spend hours and hours knitting thousands of tiny stitches to produce something that will eventually fall apart? Out of love.

Sock knitting, more than any other kind of knitting, is an act of love.

I might add that knitting socks for your boyfriend and trying your damnedest to make an identical pair out of randomly self-striping yarn, requiring the weaving-in of over twenty ends for a pair of socks, is an act of pure, near-saintly, devotion.

And a sign that you are The Best Girlfriend in the World.

In less successful knitting, Lorna's Laces and I are totally in a fight.


On top is the by now ubiquitous Monkey (see it here and here and of course here), whose absolute awesomess is obscured by the "striping" of the Clay colorway. Did it stripe up like that when I tried to knit a Jaywalker with it? No, it did not.

On the bottom is an about-to-be-frogged Jaywalker in Happy Stripe. The yellow stripe is quite a bit longer than the turquoise one, and at 84 stitches for the size large, the turquoise stripe isn't long enough to make a full round. Thus, blotchy yellow pooling. This will be frogged and reknit as a basic stockinette sock.

Score: Knitting the Sock 1, Sock Knitting Me 2.

I've also gotten woefully behind on bloglines and responding to email. There are big, big things afoot at Casa Librarian-in-Training, but I can't really talk about them until next week. Rest assured, the things are good, but they've taken up a lot of my time and focus in recent weeks.

Full disclosure next week.


Kristen said...

Anastasia is a great sock pattern for yarns that want to pool funny.

Kristy said...

I honestly think your Monkey looks great. Give it a second chance, but rip the Jaywalker :)

I'm glad to hear that big, exciting things are going on. I'll be watching for the update!

Jenny said...

Dood. I think your Monkey looks fabulous. In fact, of all the links you provided (including the original) I thought yours was the one where the gorgeous stitch pattern was most defined. Perhaps that is the angle of the photograph, but I think it's beeeyoooteeful.

And yes, rip the Jaywalker. Do it. Do it.

Macoco said...

You are totally the best girlfriend and don't let him forget that! That is one bad jaywalker sock - time to rip.

Have you checked out the new yarn at Windsor Button, have you? have you? do it!

bekka said...

very nice socks. love that monkey, too. and yes, they are ubiquitous, one of my favorite words! i've printed the sock monkey pattern 3 or 4 time snow. keep losing it though. what can it mean? i really want to make a pair though.

Deb said...

Knitting big man socks and trying to get them to match? Definately Best Girlfriend material.

I'm also loving your Monkey socks. Bad Jaywalkers, Good Monkeys.

rfx1982 said...

You must be the best girlfriend ever to weave in 20 ends.

And like everyone else, I thought the monkey looked great.

Risa said...

Seriously? 20 ends? You are so sweet!
The monkey looks great!! I'm considering starting a pair of those myself - just haven't gotten to it yet.
And, begone pooly Jaywalker!